The Database Changes Tracker module allows tracking all the content data changes in a Sitecore based site. The module uses native Sitecore Archive functionality. When an item is created, deleted or updated the module creates corresponding "control point". It provides UI Applications to Browser though created "control points", compare them with database and restore if necessary.
The Database Changes Tracker works with Sitecore CMS 6.4 and 6.5 versions.

The Database Changes Tracker is designed to track all changes done to content items.
The tool archives entire item before changes are actually applied. It allows users to view the archived values of item fields, compare them with the current values in database and restore an item to its previous state if necessary.
Every time an item is created, saved, deleted, moved, item version is removed DCT creates a "control point", which stores the previous item state - data from Items, VersionedFields, UnVersionedFields and SharedFields tables. If DCT is configured to work with external database (the default configuration) control point also includes data from Blobs table.

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